Business Matchmaking Platform ID: QGBF-26093

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Business Matchmaking Platform IDQTBM20-26093
Business Offer FromTurkish Company
Summary of Offer

We can supply kitchen materials ( pans, waffle makers etc.), acrylic sheet (pleksiglass) or any other material which produce in Turkey.

Potential Partners

Establish business partnership between Turkey and Qatar.

Company Description

Our role as young and passionate Golden Ratio team is finding new opportunities and partnership in export marketing, building alternative supply and international distribution routes, creating marketing plans, empowering your brand identity, making and practicing international trading strategies for short term or long term use, also many more consultation services that will make a big difference for your company’s future.

Company TypeOther - آخر
Other Company Typeİmport export trade
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Membership Number444307
Year of Establishment2020
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