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Business Matchmaking Platform IDQTBM20-22614
Business Offer FromQatari Company
Summary of Offer

We are offering UPVC,HDPE & HDPE Corrugated pipes and fittings

UPVC Pipes
Sizes : 20mm to 200mm & 1/2" to 6".

HDPE pipes
Szies : 110mm to 800mm

HDPE Corrugated pipes
Szies : 110mm to 500mm

Potential Partners

We are directly supplying to customer.

Company Description

New Products Plastic Factory - NEPRO(NPPF) is a Qatar based company associated with producing high pressure and all classes of Thermoplastic Pipes. Licensed in 2008 and start it's production in 2017, we have supplied pipes to enumerable organizations in Qatar and earned a name for ourselves in a short period of time.We are manufacturing UPVC, HDPE and HDPE Corrugated pipes.

Company TypeOther - آخر
Other Company TypeHDPE,UPVC & HDPE Corruagted pipes & fittings manufacturer
Qatar Chamber Membership Number01/56624
Year of Establishment2015
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