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Business Matchmaking Platform IDQTBM20-166505
Business Offer FromTurkish Company
Summary of Offer

Lentils, beans, chickpeas, sugar, wheat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, spices, meat, rice

Potential Partners

Importers, distributors, brokers, supermakets

Company Description

We are a Commission Trading Firm, your partner and intermediary in basic and bulk foods, such as grain products, lentils, rice, and beans.

TIG's motivation is the desire to contribute to global food security by connecting supply and demand and guaranteeing fair prices, ensuring that basic foodstuffs remain available to everyone, including the world's most vulnerable.

We use our network to create the best partnership for your company. Our goal is to keep the chain as short as possible, for the benefit of all parties. This means that we also take care of the transport and shipping of the goods as much as possible, with our own logistics department. The fewer links, the more humane the operations

We build lasting relationships to help our clients become a force for positive change.

Company TypeAgriculture & Foodstuffs - الزرعة – المواد الغذائية
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Membership Number385075
Year of Establishment2020
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