Qatar to host “World Halal Day 2018”

  • The conference encourages food, pharma and tourism firms to invest in Qatar


Qatar Chamber has announced that it would organize the World Halal Day (WHD) in November 2018.

This was revealed during the 5th World Halal Summit held in Istanbul from 23-25 November,  under the patronage of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A statement issued by the Chamber said that QC’s chairman HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani led the chamber’s delegation taking part in the summit, including board members Dr. Mohamed Gohar Al Mohamed, HE Eng. Ali Abdul Latif Al Misnad and Abdul Aziz Ridwani.

QC’s director general Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi was present at the event.

On the summit’s sidelines, Qatar Chamber and the United World Halal Development signed an agreement under which the chamber will host the World Halal Day on 1st November 2018.

QC’s board member Mohamed Gohar Al Mohamed signed the agreement on behalf of the chamber.

Commenting on the hosting agreement, HE Sheikh Khalifa said that it  is an international halal conference  celebrated on 1st November  of every year with the objectives: Food for All, United against Hunger, Preserve the Nature and  striving  to build a one Human Community.

He affirmed the importance of holding this international day in Doha that will encourage food, cosmetics, travel and tourism, and infrastructure firms to invest in Qatar.

The World Halal Day was aimed to create an in depth understanding on Halal and enhancing its trade. It raises the awareness om the current issues and concerns related to Halal economy and preventive measures, he added.

He noted that the conference provides a good a platform for the key players of Halal market, gurus and leaders of the industry sectors from around the world to explore huge potentials of Halal industry and the creative yields of its market through this B2B platform.

Sheikh Khalifa pointed out that halal market is growing rapidly, noting it reached $ 4 trillion in the world, urging the OIC countries  to activate their contribution  in the halal market, especially  their share is only about 20% of the total world’s halal trade.


QC’s chairman said the halal exhibition which was held on the sidelines of the 5th World Halal Summit offered a brilliant opportunity for Islamic  countries to intensify cooperation ties and address obstacles facing developing trade among them.

The World Halal Summit 2017 attracted senior institutions and organizations from more than 80 countries including 57 OIC member countries, while the OIC Halal Expo, included many sectors of Halal Industry (Food, Finance, Tourism, Islamic, Medicine and Pharmacy, Cosmetics).

It included workshops and seminars on Islamic Finance, Halal Food Industry, Islamic Tourism, Haj and Umra, Halal Medicine and Chemistry and  Furniture.

World Halal Day 2014 was held in Singapore, 2015 in India, 2016 in Croatia and 2017 In London.

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