Overview on tender procedures

  • Documents for tenders are available at the Central Tenders Committee located in Muntazah – Rawabi Street during working hours
  • The tender document must be accompanied with a letter of guarantee or certified check from a bank operating in the State of Qatar for a period of temporary deposit.
  • The offer must be valid for a period of ninety days from the date of the opening of envelopes.
  • The last date for submission of tenders is 12:00 AM. Tenders received after the deadline, are not considered.
  • Tenders deposited in the box of the Central Tenders Committee, must be closed in a stamped and sealed envelope and addressed to the Chairman of the Tenders Committee competent (central/local) showing the number, type of the tender and the subject.
  • The Central Tenders Committee invites bidders or their representatives to attend the opening of the envelopes and read the price on the day following the date of the closure during the office hours.

For more information about the Central Tenders Committee tenders and auctions please visit: www.ctc.gov.qa or call +974 4378190 / 4378143.

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