Qatar, Singapore Trade Volume Reaches $6.4 Billion


Doha, April 16 – Qatar Chamber’s Vice Chairman Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Towar said that the volume of trade exchange between Qatar and Singapore reached about $ 6.4 billion at the end of last year, due to the interest of the Qatari private sector towards Asian countries including Singapore.

This came during a meeting held by Qatar Chamber on Monday, with a Singapore trade delegation visiting Doha under the chairmanship of Chairman of Singapore Business Federation Siong Seng Teo. The two sides discussed prospects and enhancing cooperation in various investment fields, and possible opportunities to create economic partnerships that benefit the economies of both countries.

Qatar Chamber’s Vice Chairman emphasized the Chamber’s efforts to enhance cooperation between Qatari and Singaporean companies in light of the opportunities offered by the Qatari market to absorb more partnerships and Singaporean companies to add value to the Qatari economy.

He said that Singapore is an investment destination that many Qatari businessmen want to take advantage of. He also reviewed the capabilities and potential of the Qatari economy, which proved its worth and managed to overcome the negative effects of the siege in a short period.

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