Qatar, Latvia chambers examine co-operation ties


Qatar Chamber hosted on Thursday a trade delegation from Latvia led by Deputy Director of Latvia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nauris Lazdans.

The meeting touched on ways of enhancing cooperation ties between the private sector of both countries and investment opportunities available in both countries.

Speaking to the delegation, Assistant Director General for Government Relations and Committees Affairs, Ali Bu Sherbak Al Mansouri, said that the Qatari economy is strong and resilient and was able to overcome the negative implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He noted that the Qatari market welcomes Latvian companies, especially in light of the incentives offered by the state to attract foreign investors and the developed infrastructure, in addition to the pro-investment legislation and laws.

Al Mansouri noted that there are a host of opportunities available for cooperation between Qatari and Latvian private sectors, stressing the Chamber’s keenness to strengthen cooperation between Qatari businessmen and their Latvian counterparts through establishing joint businesses whether in Qatar or Latvia in a way that benefit both countries’ economy.

For his part, Deputy Director of Latvia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nauris Lazdans, emphasized his country’s interest to develop cooperation links with Qatar and promote investments available in Latvia, noting that a trading delegation from Latvia will visit the Gulf region including Qatar in the coming period to explore investment opportunities available in Qatar and meet with Qatari businessmen to review areas of cooperation.

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