Qatar-Germany business meeting explores new investment opportunities


The Qatar Chamber (QC) recently hosted the Qatari German Business Meeting at its headquarters. The event was co-chaired by HE Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Twar Al Kuwari, QC’s First Vice-Chairman, and Gordon Pelz,

Vice Chairman of the German Mittelstand (German Association for SMEs).

The event also was attended by QC board member Mohamed bin Ahmed Al Obaidli, along with many Qatari businessmen and members of the German delegation.

The meeting focused on enhancing bilateral commercial and economic relations, and exploring the investment climate and opportunities in both Qatar and Germany, especially in sectors like healthcare, agriculture technologies, real estate, renewable energy, transport and shipping, and IT.

It also reviewed the possibility of establishing joint ventures and commercial alliances between Qatari and German companies.

In his remarks at the meeting, QC First Vice-Chairman HE Mohamed bin Twar Al Kuwari emphasized that Qatar and Germany enjoy distinguished relations in various fields, especially in economic and commercial spheres. He noted that their trade volume last year amounted to QR 6.4 billion and highlighted that Germany is one of the most important trade partners for Qatar.

HE Mohamed bin Twar underscored the significance of strengthening mutual investments, pointing to the presence of many German companies operating in Qatar across various sectors such as contracting, trading, services, shipping, medical equipment, and devices, among others.

Conversely, he mentioned that there are many Qatari investments in Germany in sectors including automobiles, energy, electronics, solar power, banking, healthcare, infrastructure, and more. He indicated that Qatari investments in Germany amounted to € 25 billion and expressed expectations for more investments in the coming period.

Twar called on German companies to benefit from the incentives and advantages offered by Qatar for foreign investors and to explore the numerous opportunities available in Qatar.

Elaborating on Qatar’s incentives, he noted its world-class infrastructure and stimulating legislation, making it a global hub for business and investment and an attractive destination for major international companies. He further explained that Qatar’s laws allow non-Qatari investors to own 100% of capital in all sectors and economic activities, citing the investment incentives offered by free and logistics zones.

The QC First Vice-Chairman emphasized the Chamber’s support for cooperation between Qatari and German companies, expressing that it welcomes German investments in Qatar to benefit from Germany’s renowned expertise in technology. It further encourages Qatari investors to explore numerous opportunities in Germany and foster cooperation with their German counterparts by establishing partnerships and alliances.

For his part, Gordon Pelz praised the relations between both countries, noting that the delegation included a group of German businessmen and executives officials of a number of leading companies in various sectors such as technology, agriculture, and construction. He indicated that these companies are eager to open affiliates in Qatar and forge partnerships with Qatari companies.

He said the German Mittelstand opened an office in Qatar to facilitate the investment of German firms in the Qatari market and streamline communication with Qatari firms. He noted that there are 300 offices within the association in Germany and 80 offices abroad.

On his part, Mohamed Al Obaidli said that Qatari business owners are eager to build long-term partnerships with German companies, and benefit from the German technonlgy in industry sector.

He stressed that the private sector on both sides can play an important role in developing trade between both countries, especially in light of the advanced infrastructure Qatar owns to attract investments in various economic sectors.

Al Obaidli also said that Qatar is an essential destination and a hub for investment and business for external markets, pointing out that there are many sectors in which Qatari and German businessmen can cooperate in like banking digital technology, food security, tourism, and others.

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