QC panel reviews obstacles facing contracting sector

Qatar Chamber vice-chairman Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Twar headed the first meeting of the contracting committee at the chamber venue to discuss  to  discuss obstacles facing the sector and ways of tackling them.

For his part Bin Twar said that the sector of contracting is playing a great role in preparation and implementation of construction plans and development schemes adopted by the State. He assured the State’s keenness on giving the private sector the chance to expand its participation in the mega projects which are  being implemented in the State.


The Committee’s members noted that there are several obstacles facing the private contracting sector such as the lack of data about the future projects  which leads to inability of Qatari companies to compete in the State tenders.

They also called for  the competent authorities to assign some of these projects to the local companies  and urge foreign companies to have a local partner on implementing these projects.

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