Qatar Chamber to implement ATA Carnet system from today


Qatar Chamber will start today to officially implement the temporary export-import document system ATA Carnet in the admission of goods to the country, joining 77 other countries that employ the system.

In a statement issued, Qatar Chamber said that, as the entity concerned with the issuance and guaranteeing, it will begin to issue special registers to be available for the business community, noting that business owners and customers can apply for ATA Carnet either by visiting the chamber’s member affairs department or registering online on its website. The register is then issued in return for a fixed fee and is valid for a year for commercial samples and six months for on-display goods and professional equipment.

The implementation of the system in cooperation with the General Authority of Customs and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Qatar is one of the important steps that will enhance Qatar’s status as an attractive investment destination and a global center for trade and business, Qatar Chamber said, adding that this will stimulate the conference and tourism sector and support Qatar’s readiness to host the 2022 World Cup.

The temporary export-import document system is an international customs document that allows the temporary import of goods for up to a year without the obligation to take any fees, taxes or customs procedures. The system covers all goods, provided that they are re-exported and imported during the period approved by the customs authorities

The system enables marketing representatives, exhibitors and travelling businessmen to carry out the customs procedures at a predefined cost, and visit several countries without delay in the procedures. It ensures the facilitation and simplification of customs procedures through borders and reduction of routine requirements, in addition to allowing exporters and importers to use one document to complete all customs procedures in 77 countries that apply the system.

ATA Carnet covers all goods such as commercial samples, professional equipment, goods specific for exhibitions, markets and entertainment events, provided that they are re-exported and imported during the period approved by the relevant customs authorities.

The system covers jewellery, clothing, watches, leather products, different types of products, equipment, antiques, paintings and other artworks, exhibition pavilion requirements, broadcast equipment, audio and video equipment, cinematography and musical instruments, clothing, theatre objects, seminar and meeting equipment, display, repair machines, maintenance and equipment using surgeons, archaeologists, entertainment performers, lecturers and athletes.

However, the system does not cover perishable and disposable goods, or those that will be subject to processing or repair.

Qatar Chamber has announced earlier this year that it is the national guarantor of the implementation of the system in the State of Qatar, as required by the international convention on the temporary admission of goods the presence of a national guarantor that guarantees customs duties and rights in the event of the return of goods temporarily entered.

The chamber organised a number of introduction workshops on the ATA Carnet system on a weekly basis in July to introduce the system and how to use it as well as the legal sides related to its implementation, the advantages and guarantees and how to deal with it, the mechanism of issuing the system, and the electronic registration. The workshops also touched on customs procedures and customs responsibilities and rights.

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