Qatar Chamber and Dar Al Sharq hold symposium on social responsibility


Qatar Chamber and Dar Al Sharq organised a symposium on “Social Responsibility 2018 and Beyond” which stressed on the need of the social responsibility after the blockade.

They also announced that the fifth conference and awards for Social Responsibility for 2017 will be held next month under the theme ‘responsibilities despite challenges’.

The symposium was organised by the Social Responsibility Committee at Dar Al Sharq in collaboration with Qatar Chamber. The website of the Social Responsibility Committee was launched during the event.

Speaking at the symposium, Sheikh Dr Thani bin Ali Al Thani, Chairman of Social Responsibility Committee, said that the upcoming conference will witness increase in activities related to enhancing awareness about social responsibility.

“The Committee is satisfied with the success achieved by the conference during the past years, which contributed to raising awareness about social responsibility and its importance in the society,” he added.
The economic aspects like profit and loss are no longer the sole determinant of the performance of companies. Rather, there are other aspects that contribute to the advancement of society and its members. Cultural and social values and social responsibility have become one of the most important factors used to measure the performance and contributions of companies and institutions in society.

Al Thani also pointed out that there is an urgent need to devote more importance to this concept and strengthen it, especially after the unjust siege imposed on the country.

Regarding the social responsibility award, he said that it aims to highlight the importance of social responsibility among companies and institutions in Qatar and also aims to create competition among them to provide projects and practices that benefit people and society.

Abdullatif Al Mahmoud, CEO of Dar Al Sharq Group, pointed out the fifth conference has a special importance because it will be the first conference to be held after the unjust blockade on Qatar.

Al Mahmoud also mentioned that the conference’s meetings and activities will show Qatar’s efforts in facing the blockade.
“All the sectors have performed their responsibility and increased their products to meet the country’s development strategy, which contributed to overcoming the repercussion of the blockade,” he noted.
The annual conference was launched in December 2013.

The aim of the conferences is to educate and spread awareness about social responsibility among companies through encouraging initiatives and highlighting the companies achievements in this field.

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