Poultry farm owners seek legislative support in QC meeting


Poultry farm entrepreneurs in Qatar have sought protective legislation to ensure the continuation of such farms that have sprung up in large numbers as part of the country’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in poultry.

They also demanded programmes to enhance the capabilities of farm owners. The issues came up at a meeting organised by the Food Security and Environment Committee (FSEC) of the Qatar Chamber (QC).

The meeting discussed mechanisms for continuation of the self-sufficiency Qatar has attained in poultry, addressed obstacles facing this sector and ways of developing more poultry farms.

The meeting also sought recommendations from QC’s poultry producers committee to find the best ways in which the private sector can contribute to achieving food security in the poultry industry.

The members of the committee called for creating an entity to manage this industry and swiftly solve its problems, and to provide veterinary expertise to help the farms tackle obstacles facing them and report after addressing the problem.

They also called for establishing a special poultry laboratory to conduct urgent tests and analysis of all elements of the production process and to issue test results within a day or two to prevent any damage to the farm.

The members of the committee recommended taking measures to encourage investors and business leaders to invest in the poultry industry and facilitate the work of poultry farms, stressing that the private sector is taking steady steps towards achieving food security in the country.

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