Accordingly to the law n.11/1990, amended by the law n. 11/1996, membership is allowed to businesses within the commercial, industrial or agricultural field with offices in Qatar. Exception can be made for businesses in the field of consultations or services such as lawyers, consultants and engineers.

Should be a Qatari citizen or a foreigner with a license for the above mentioned business. Should have a commercial register. Should be older than 21 years old. Should not have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, unless they have been on the implementation of the sentence by three years. If the penalty had not been implemented, the period starts from the date of the rule itself. Should have a well-known headquarter in Qatar carrying out his/her business. Should pay annual subscriptions.

The capital of the company should be wholly owned by Qataris or by a Qataris contribution not less than 51% or the company is exempt by decree. The company should have a commercial register or have a license for doing business in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law. The company should not have been previously judged by bankruptcy case. The company should have a well-known location in Qatar for doing its business. The company should be committed to paying annual subscriptions. Exempted from joining the membership of the chamber individuals who are engaged in simple crafts such as sewing, hairdressing, blacksmithing, plumbing, upholstery, regular repair works and other similar crafts, provided that the craftsman exercises the work himself without the help of other individuals and should have a prove of this that he exercise the work by himself.

The membership fees schedule, supplement to the law n.11/1990, and amended by the law n.11/1996, assigns the fees of membership as the following:

QR 5000 for

  • Joint-stock companies, banks, insurance companies, and first class hotels.
  • Individual institutions and other companies whose capital is not less than five million QR.

QR 2000 for

  • Money exchange companies and travel agencies; owners or representatives of airlines.
  • Individual institutions and other companies whose capital is not less than one million QR.

QR 1000 for

  • Pharmacies and other travel agencies.
  • Individual institutions and other companies whose capital is not less than half a million QR.

QR 500 for

  • The rest of the individual institutions and companies.

QR 200 for

  • Manufacturers and craftsmen who must join membership of the chamber.
  • In addition, 10% of the value of the annual subscription for each branch of the above mentioned sectors.

Membership Conditions 
Membership can be lost in the following cases: Losing one of the conditions of the aforementioned Membership Terms. Non-payment of fees for over one year. Dismissal by a resolution, issued by the 3 / 4 majority of the Board of Directors, with reasonable justifications. The Registration and Membership Committee has the right, before dismissing the member for non-paying the annual fee, to undertake the following measures: Send a notice to the member to pay the annual fee in order to maintain the Chamber’ services. Recommend freezing the commercial register for a period of three months and the import license, if any, for a similar period. Recommend to the Board of Directors to cancel the commercial register or separate his owner from the chamber. In the event of membership loss, it is possible to re-apply when the causes that led to the loss are resolved.

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