Manateq to Offer New Industrial Lands in December


The Manateq Economic Zones Company “Manateq” said that it would announce its future projects in early December including 250 new land plots in Jery Al Samur, Al Wakra, Birkat Al Awamer and Aba Saleel in front of investors.

This is revealed during a seminar hosted by Qatar Chamber to define the services provided by the company in terms of the development of industrial and commercial business, a number of Qatari businessmen and Manateq’s officials attended the seminar.

During the seminar, Manateq’s Director of business development Adel Wali, presented Manateq’s goals, vision, achievements, and its future projects, indicating that Manateq conducted a very inclusive study that shown that there is a need to the presence of 27 million m2 of industry and warehousing land.

Noting that the company managed since its establishment to provide 23 million m2 for warehousing lands and 12 million m2 for industrial lands.

He confirmed that the seminar aims to communicate with local companies and investors and present the incentives provided by the company to support business and investment in the country. Noting that Manateq’s vision focuses on promoting economic diversification in investments adding value to Qatar, while its mission aims to create a world-class business environment that enables domestic and foreign investors to deliver value added products and services to local, regional and international markets.

He also reviewed the most important developments in the logistics and industrial areas, which seek to provide facilities and storage solutions to reduce the cost of goods, which contributes to reducing inflation, in addition to providing an integrated land area on which the investor can build warehouses or workshops (for processing or assembly) with offices and housing for workers, where these lands are located in Jery Al Samur, Al Wakra, Birkat Al Awamer and Aba Saleel.

Jery Al Samur logistic park is established in an area of 748,000 sqm, including 21 plots of various sizes ranging from 10,000 sqm to 36,000 sqm in sectors of food and beverage, global warehouses, auto tools and machinery, and construction materials.

Al Wakra logistic park is designed on an area of 3,732,457 sqm and includes 327 plots in the same sectors of Jery Al Samur.

Birkat Al Awamer logistic park is designed on an area of 4,154,880 sqm and includes 1368 plots in sector of assembly, heavy industry, aluminum & steel workshops, shipping services and marine equipment, and construction & building materials.

While Aba Saleel is designed on an area of 298298.37 sqm includes 1368 plots in sectors of electronics, printing, fashion & art, food manufacturing and warehousing.

Mesaieed Industrial Zone is established on an area of 12 million sqm. It is located south of Doha and next to Hamad Port, Um Alhoul Free Zone & Al Wakra Logistics Park. It targets sectors of concrete, construction materials, petrochemicals, plastics, metals, machinery, chemical & fertilizers and many other industrial clusters.

Head of business development at Manateq confirmed that rental fees in the logistic areas were established on the basis of standards and calculated at QR40 per square meter per year or QR3 per square meter per month, and the industrial areas are priced at QR20 per meter per year and QR1.6 per meter per month.

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