Official Launch of Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri-Services


Hassad, Qatar’s premier investor in the food sector announced the official launch of Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri-Services Company, during a ceremony held today at Hassad’s headquarters. The Ministry of Municipality and Environment as well as Qatar Chamber attended the ceremony

Mahaseel for Marketing and Agri-Services Company will provide support to the local farmers, by marketing their production, as well as provide several other agriculture related services, with the aim to increase quantity and enhance quality of local produce.

During the launch ceremony, Chairman of Qatar Chamber HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani said that the launch of a local company for marketing and agricultural services is an important step to support the Qatari private sector and local farmers, and it will help to link farmers to the local market and encourage them to increase production and improve quality.

His Excellency noted the step taken by Hassad which called for by many local farmers as it will contribute to promoting the local product and supporting the country’s plans to achieve self-sufficiency in food and medicine.

He pointed out that the company will work to open the way for employers and investors to enter all sectors, adding that the private sector played a large role after the siege, as the pace of production accelerated, especially in food and agricultural products.

He expressed his pleasure at seeing the launch of Mahaseel Company in coordination with the Chamber because it is in constant contact with the farmers and owners of the companies specialized in agricultural production. HE stressed that the establishment of the company is one of these demands which is in the interest of the owners of the farms and in promoting the Qatari product and increasing its competition for other products in Qatar.

Hassad CEO Mohamed bin Badr Al Sadah, commented on the occasion, “We conducted market analysis, and identified a mechanism to offer the required support to the private agricultural sector, in order to contribute to the country’s self-sufficiency, and accordingly, we established a company specialized in marketing and agricultural services”.

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