Qatar Chamber calls for the adoption of the ‘Made in the Gulf’ slogan


Qatar Chamber recently participated in the Consultative Meeting between the GCC Ministers of Commerce and Industry and heads of federations and chambers of the GCC states which was held in Salala, the Sultanate of Oman.

The Chamber’s delegation was led by Second Vice-Chairman HE Rashid bin Hamad Al-Athba, and included board member Ibtihaj Al-Ahmadany.

Speaking at the meeting, Al-AThba expressed the Qatar Chamber’s appreciation for the efforts exerted by the GCC General Secretariat and its affiliated committees in addressing the topics raised during previous consultative meetings.

He emphasized that Qatar Chamber highlights the significance of private sector involvement in expressing its opinions regarding the findings of advisory studies and legislation relevant to the private sector. He also stressed the importance of the private sector’s participation in the technical team of the Food Security Committee and other relevant committees.

He emphasized the need to reprioritize the topics raised at previous consultative meetings, which remain unresolved between the task forces and the various committees.

Al-Athba called for the adoption of ‘Made in the Gulf’ slogan to encourage joint investments, and the consolidation of economic policies. He also urged the promotion of joint ventures through public and private sector partnerships in various projects, including water and electricity connectivity, road transport, rail projects, technology-based industrial initiatives, and innovation.”

The QC Second Vice-Chairman said that to establish the ‘Made in the Gulf’ as a slogan, it is crucial to support sectors with significant value-added, leverage the growth potential of logistics services, and increase openness to international exporting and importing countries.

‘Furthermore, it’s imperative to enhance the efficiency of free zones and establish special economic zones to build joint Gulf capabilities specialized in specific industries. Additionally, the promotion of this slogan can be achieved by holding annual exhibitions,’ he added.

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