Kazakhstan offers Qatari investors a host of opportunities


Qatar Chamber First Vice-Chairman HE Mohamed bin Twar Al-Kuwary met on Thursday with HE Nurzhan Kalenderov, the First Deputy governor of Zhambyl Region in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Chairman of the board of Social-Entrepreneurial Business Corporations Mr. Abilkairov Daulet.

The meeting touched on cooperation relations between both countries in economic and commercial fields and investment climate and opportunities available in Qatar and Kazakhstan, as well as the possibility of establishing alliances and joint investments on both sides.

Speaking at the meeting, HE Mohamed bin Twar praised the close relations between Qatar and Kazakhstan, noting that Qatari businessmen are interested to get acquainted with the investment climate in Kazakhstan and incentives offered for foreign investors and opportunities galore there.

HE stressed that Qatar Chamber encourages Qatari businessmen to invest in Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, the Kazakhstan side reviewed the investment climate in Kazakhstan and in the Zhambyl Region which offers a multitude of opportunities in various sectors such as industry, chemical industries, renewable energy, food industries, agriculture, and mining, inviting Qatari investors to visit the region to learn about these opportunities.

On his part, HE Nurzhan Kalenderov said that there are a host of investment opportunities that might attract Qatari investors in the Zhambyl Region which is considered a gateway for several international markets such as the Chinese and Russian markets.

In turn, Mr. Abilkairov Daulet said that there are many foreign companies that invest in Kazakhstan from China, Russia, France, and Turkey, calling Qatari companies to invest in the Zhambyl Region.

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