Job opportunities for Jordanians in Qatar discussed at Chamber meeting


Qatar Chamber held a meeting with an official of Jordan’s Ministry of Labour to discuss employment opportunities being offered by the country to 10,000 Jordanian youth.

Second vice chairman Rashid bin Hamad al-Athba met with Farouq al-Hadidi, the secretary general of Jordan’s Ministry of Labour, to discuss an electronic platform that facilitates employment applications as part of Qatar’s initiative to employ 10,000 Jordanians in the country.

In his opening remarks, al-Athba highlighted “the great mutual interest” in strengthening and advancing bilateral relations, noting that the exchange of visits at the government and private levels reflect “the keenness of the Jordanian brothers on further developing the relations with Qatar.”

In the past two months, al-Athba said Qatar Chamber hosted two delegations chaired by Jordanian Minister of Labour Nedal el-Batayneh and the chairman of the Jordan Chamber, Nael al-Kabariti.

Al-Athba said, “The opportunity is open for business owners from both the countries to implement more partnerships and trade alliances and to enter into joint ventures and investments both in Qatar and Jordan, especially as the investment climate on both sides is encouraging.”

He noted that Qatar’s initiative to employ 10,000 Jordanian youth in the country “adds a lot to the distinguished relations between the two brotherly countries,” and affirms that “Qatar is interested in benefiting from the abilities and skills of the youth in the comprehensive development, especially in light of the quality, proficiency, and respect of the Jordanian community in Qatar.”

Al-Athba stressed that Qatar Chamber “strongly supports” the initiative and encourages local companies to employ Jordanians “in all fields.” He also lauded the creation of the national employment platform or SAJJIL that facilitates employment application for Jordanians, saying this will help inform the private sector of the most prominent disciplines that can be used in Qatari market.

Al-Hadidi said SAJJIL was developed as an alternative to the previous platform, noting that all observations and queries raised by the Qatari private sector were taken into consideration in the development of the new national employment platform.

He added that the platform has become the only national system in Jordan to deal with employment. It also meets the needs of the private sector locally and abroad. Al-Hadidi also lauded the co-operation between the Jordanian Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, as well as the support of Qatar Chamber as the representative of the private sector.

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