Qatar Chamber to host the Islamic Chamber’s GAM on Saturday at Sheraton


The Qatar Chamber will host the 39th Meeting of the General Assembly of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture on Saturday, December 16th, at the Sheraton Hotel, with the participation of delegations representing chambers of commerce and industry on member countries.

The meeting will be presided over by HE Sheikh Abdalla Saleh Kamel, Chairman of the ICCIA, while the Qatar Chamber’s delegation will be led by HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani, Chairman of QC and First Vice-President of the Islamic Chamber.

Their excellencies, presidents, and representatives of member chambers will also be in attendance.

In statements, Qatar Chamber board member, Dr. Mohamed bin Jawhar Al Mohamed said that the meeting will discuss a range of issues that focus on the development of Islamic common efforts at economic and commercial levels, promoting intra-trade. The agenda will also address matters aimed at enhancing cooperation between member chambers in a manner that positively impacts the economies of Islamic nations.

Dr. Al Mohamed praised the role of the Islamic Chamber and its activities, which primarily aim to enhance commercial and investment cooperation between member states. The Chamber also plays a crucial role in strengthening cooperation between the private sector, contributing significantly to the increase of intra-trade among Islamic countries.

It is worth mentioning that ICCIA is an affiliated institution of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and is the sole represents the private sector of 57 Member Islamic Countries.

It aims at strengthening closer collaboration in the field of trade, commerce, information technology, insurance/reinsurance, shipping, banking, promotion of investment opportunities and joint ventures in the Member countries.

It also aims at supporting cooperation among the business sector in the countries of the Organization through diversifying commercial products among themselves to achieve economic integration and economic and social development therein.

ICCIA also seeks to achieve the development of industrial and agricultural products in the countries of the Islamic world and promotion of the concept of quality and competitiveness through the issuance of certificates of quality relating to the methods of enterprises management and the quality and characteristics of products in accordance with the standards and criteria adopted by the Chamber in accordance with the provisions of these Statute.

It also aims to promote the identification of nutritive products that conform to Islamic Shari’ah (halal) and approving them, including the preparation of standards for guidance, standards for issuing certificates of conformity of the nutritive product with the rulings of Islamic Shari’ah (halal) and the trademark distinguishing the certification of halal issued by the ICCIA, and accrediting the agencies that issue such certificates and licensing the use of the aforementioned trademark, and increasing the volume of inter-state trade of the products bearing the trademark distinguishing the halal certification.

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