Qatar Chamber represents employers in the International Labour Conference

Representing employers, the Qatar Chamber recently participated in the 112th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Chamber’s delegation was led by Eng. Nasser Ahmed Al Meer, Chairman’s Consultant for Labour Affairs,  and included Abdulaziz Saleh Al Kuwari, Mohamed Saad Al Mohannadi, Alanoud Zayed Al Mohannadi and Alhanouf Nasser Al Rumaihi.

In his remarks, Nasser Al Meer said that the world faces a host of challenges posed by global fluctuations in energy markets and the need to diversify income sources. He highlighted vast opportunities in emerging sectors like green technology and sustainable practices, opening doors for Qatari businesses to explore new avenues.

He outlined Qatar’s efforts to support business sectors and provide incentives for local and foreign investors, thereby boosting the competitiveness of national economy at the international level.

He also emphasized that the economic sustainability is the cornerstone of Qatar National Vision 2030, commending the Qatari private sector’s role

in supporting this vision by adopting environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Al Meer noted that Qatar is keen to establish strong partnerships with other countries to enhance trade and investment, stressing that these partnerships are not only beneficial for increasing trade and investment but also for fostering the exchange of expertise and technology and opening new markets.

He underscored Qatar’s strong belief in human capital as a pillar for achieving sustainable development, highlighting its commitment to training and qualifying the Qatari workforce.

He further pointed out that the Qatari business community focusses on adopting modern technology and innovations across various fields to develop businesses and develop new products that meet the ever-changing market demands.

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