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Company NameEvitalia srl
Business Offer FromItaly
Registered Chamber/Organization NameREA Vicenza Italy
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Industry TypeTransportation
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Contact PersonAlessandro Varese
DesignationSales Manager
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Year of Establishment2021
Summary of Offer

Evitali srl is excited to present the EviCountry 4WD EV, a 100% electric, multi-functional vehicle designed for various work environments. Made in Vicenza, Italy, this vehicle is equipped with advanced features tailored to meet specific operational needs. The EviCountry 4WD EV is capable of operating on-road, off-road, in open spaces, and indoor environments. Its robust design, coupled with its impressive technical specifications, makes it an ideal choice for diverse applications.

Potential Partners

We are looking to partner with established distributors in the automotive and logistics sectors within Qatar who have a strong network and market presence. Ideal partners would be those with experience in electric vehicles, and an interest in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Additionally, partners with capabilities in after-sales service and customer support are highly desirable.

Company Description

Evitali srl is a dynamic start-up founded in 2021, specializing in the production of multifunctional electric vehicles. Our flagship product, the EviCountry 4WD EV, exemplifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability.
The vehicle is powered by two permanent magnet electric motors, each delivering 30 kW (with peaks up to 60 kW), and features independent suspension on all four wheels, automotive-grade shock absorbers, and a liquid-cooled NMC lithium-ion battery. The EviCountry 4WD EV boasts a top speed of 80 km/h, a maximum gradient capability of 30%, a range of up to 200 km, and a payload capacity of 1000 kg. Additionally, it can tow loads up to 3000 kg. Our integrated electronic system with four CanBus channels ensures seamless control of all devices, enhancing the vehicle's functionality and reliability.

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Approval StatusApproved
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