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Company NameArad Branding
Business Offer FromIran
Registered Chamber/Organization NameArad Branding
Industry TypeFood and Retail
What are you looking for?Import / export
Contact PersonOmer MK
DesignationArea Representative
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Year of Establishment2006
Summary of Offer

Arad Branding connects buyers and sellers of bulk food and retail products. We act as a B2B marketplace and export company, offering a wide range of services and products.

What we offer:

Food & Retail Products: Extensive selection of wholesale products, including:
Dates (organic and conventional)
Tomato Paste
Canned food
Dried fruits
Juices / Energy Drinks
Frozen French Fries
White Eggs
And much more!

Potential Partners

Large supermarket chains.
Independent grocery stores and convenience stores.
Specialized food distributors.
Government procurement agencies.
Hospitality and catering companies.
Import companies.
Online retailers and e-commerce platforms.
Trading companies.

Company Description

Arad Branding is a leading B2B marketplace and export company headquartered in Iran, specializing in facilitating bulk trade of food and retail products internationally. We offer a wide range of products, including edible, non-edible products, and much more. Our services include connecting buyers and sellers, assisting with logistics and export, and providing customer support.

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Approval StatusApproved
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