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Year of Establishment2021
Summary of Offer

The White International Consulting provides investment consulting, government support management consulting, and other services to our customers. We are investigating whether the investments you intend to make are feasible at all stages.

• General feasibility,
• Product market and competitive company research that you intend to conduct.
• Examination of the suitability of the investment location in terms of investment and state support.
• Investigating loans, government assistance, domestic/foreign investment partners, and mutual gains for investment financing.
•Developing various construction/machinery and equipment solutions for investment, preparing reports, and reporting recommendations with justifications for the Positive/Negative investment decision.

For your investments for which you have made an investment decision;
• Making applications for state and international support and loan opportunities that can be obtained prior to investment.
• Drawing or examining application projects (architectural, static, electrical, and mechanical projects) based on investment capacity, budget, support criteria, and production line requirements.
• Creating construction work quantities, conducting price research and bidding, establishing connections.
• Carrying out capacity controls on the machinery and equipment that are planned to be purchased, in relation to the investment and to one another.
• Establishing connections through domestic and international market research on machinery equipment whose purchase has been confirmed.
• Initiating the process in order to carry out the construction works in the most efficient and rapid manner, checking and reporting whether they are financially and technically suitable for the project.
• Financial and technical control of machinery and equipment purchases, making purchases and auditing and reporting assembly processes,
• Conducting pre-production raw material research and establishing connections,
• Conducting pre-production market research and establishing connections,
• Establishing a white-collar and blue-collar personnel regime before production,
• Determination of company rules and disciplines before production,
• It includes the services of completing the investment and starting production.

Our services include the following:
1. Investment Consulting
2. Investment Advisory
3. Buying and Selling Guidance
4. Factory Establishment
5. Special Projects Investments
6. Agriculture and Livestock Projects
7. Aquaculture investments
8. Construction investments
9. Hotel Establishments
10. Home and Land Purchases
11. Government Support Management Consultancy
12. Import - Export Process Management
13. Feasibility Preparation Consultancy
14. Education Consultancy
15. Export and Foreign Market Analysis Consultancy
16. Rental and Pre-Sales Analysis Consultancy of Agricultural Structures and Food Production Facilities
17. Architecture and Engineering Services


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Company Description

The White International Consulting Company was founded in 2021 by Adem Fidan, headquartered in Istanbul, with Ankara and Konya branches. The White International, has provided a wide range of SME consultancy, individual consultancy, investment consultancy and government grants.
Our vision is to gain an important place on a global scale, and provide professional consultancy to companies and investors with high added value in order to further develop their expertise.
Our mission is to inform institutions and individual investors who will make investments about how they can get support in these investments, manage their projects, draw a professional roadmap, and include the investment as much as possible in support programs.
Our Founder; Adem Fidan, who was born in Konya in 1988, is an expert in the field of investment projects, which he has been interested in since childhood. Adem Fidan, a graduate of Karadeniz Technical University's Department of Economics, began his business career immediately after graduation in Moscow, Russia. While working in St. Petersburg. Adem Fidan completed his Master's and Doctorate degrees. Following this, he began working at the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution. During his ten years here, he has been assigned to various positions and has always succeeded in moving himself to a higher category through his education and experience. Throughout this time, he worked as an auditor in the Ministry of Agriculture, as an advisor to the Rector, and as an advisor to the Deputy at Selçuk University, in addition to working for many NGOs and organizations such as ASKON and TÜGK, both of which have 7000 businessman members. He resigned from his position in the state institution after ten years and started his own business. TÜBTAK certified him as an accredited consultant in 2022 after he completed digital transformation consultancy training. The goal of this decision is to go deeper in the consultancy sector, achieve what has not been accomplished, and provide professional consultancy services to the entire world.

As The White International Consulting, we serve you as a solution and business partner of large, small, and medium-sized enterprises, responding to all of our customers' needs in the fields of investment and consultancy, and where investors can undertake all of their projects. We are able to offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of your companies due to our knowledge of the industries in which our customers operate. Government Incentives, Support, and Grants; it varies by ministry, institution, province, subject, and sector. The guidance and incentives provided by various institutions and organizations appear to be creating a situation that is difficult for investors and exporters to manage, and it is believed that the support cannot be utilized sufficiently. We contribute to the budgets of our entrepreneurs, investors, and exporters through the service provided by The White International Consulting, ensuring that they benefit from the incentives to the greatest extent possible. With our professional team and ten years of experience.

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