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Company NameBMGreenish
Business Offer FromPoland
Industry TypeAgriculture technologies
What are you looking for?Investments
Contact PersonMarcin Firla
DesignationCo-founder, CTO
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Year of Establishment2021
Summary of Offer

Since we build something with the huge potential, next gen indoor farming, all achieved with our own funds, now weed gas to put our indoor farming "BMGreenish" rocket "out of this space". We need you guys to help us grow, scale and realize another successful mile.
We potentially need around 3-5MIL of USD to realise main next steps on our roadmap and to start building 100 farming containers over next 3 years.
This is BMGreenish, this is your partner for the indoor farming. No limits, just opportunities and more and more hunger.
You can find some imgaes of our achieved projects on our web:
Some of the output of our current R&D cannot be shared without NDA.

Potential Partners

Big markets - to grow on our solution or to buy produce
Restaurants, food courts - to produce on our solution
Solar farms - to connect to the sustainable energy source
Farm portals - to whole sale of the crop

Company Description

We are BMGreenish, we believe in sustainable and profitable indoor farming.
We have build our first farming container, equipped with stainless-steel walls. We have hunger for growth and for innovation. Since we built version we created farming column which fits to individual, family needs. Since we are still hungry, we spent couple of months working on R&D. Goal of this R&D was to increase profitability by decreasing power consumption and increased crop produce. What we found exceeded our expectations. We were able to close full farming process inside of one medium (seeding and growth). Now we want to apply this solution to farm edible flowers, wild strawberries, tomatoes and greens. We are also attacking Plan Beauty with greens containing bio Iod, selenium and more. To summarise, we have discovered the solution which can produce >10k of lettuce in month period in the area of one full size shipping container.

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Approval StatusApproved
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