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Business Offer FromAzerbaijan
Registered Chamber/Organization NameABSHERON SAFFRON LTD
Industry TypeFood and Retail
What are you looking for?Import / export
Contact PersonSeadet Farzaliyeva
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Phone+994 50 888 8580
Year of Establishment2016
Summary of Offer

We offer Azerbaijan high quality Saffron and its products etc.
1. High quality saffron;
2. Saffron jam in its own flower;
3. Saffron quince jam;
4. Saffron grape jam;
5. Saffron fig jam;
6. White cherry jam with saffron;
7. Saffron peach jam;
8. Saffron tangerine jam;
9. Saffron orange jam;
10. Saffron grapefruit jam;
11. Saffron kumquat jam;
12. Saffron pineapple jam;
13. Pumpkin jam with saffron;
14. Saffron flower bath;
15. Saffron honey cream.
16. Saffron Ice-cream

Potential Partners

Agroculture Companies, Medical and Pharmacological Companies, Sales Companies, Grand markets and Super markets

Company Description

“Absheron Saffron” products are completely organic.
The company does not use any chemical or synthetic products in the cultivation and processing of saffron and its products.

Products of “Absheron Saffron” are certified by world-leading testing, inspection and certification companies and organizations such as SGS, Bamos AG as well as the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The company's products have already been presented at several exhibitions in the United States, Germany and Azerbaijan.

“Absheron Saffron” products being presented in the biggest retail stores across the country. Also, recently we started cooperating with retail market of Moscow, Russia.

Our Company is known for its saffron and saffron production, but at the same time Company is a pioneer in another saffron taste products such as pure saffron jam and other saffron mix jams, pure saffron ice cream, and saffron flower bath.

Approval StatusApproved
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