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Company NameLaffan Aluminum Factory
Business Offer FromQatar
Qatar Chamber Membership Number01/43326
Industry TypeProcessing industries (Metal, Wood etc.)
What are you looking for?Import / export
Contact PersonWassim Ibrik
DesignationFactory Manager
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Year of Establishment2018
Summary of Offer

Alumifoam is high quality product with competitive prices in the market. Ultra-light metal from melted aluminum ingots with pores, foamed into a sponge. It is an innovative and durable product with unique characteristics that can be applied to a variety of sectors and industries. Its porous structure gives AlumiFoam excellent energy absorption properties like shock and sound absorption, sound barrier, thermal insulation, non-combustible & fire resistance, anti-bullet, and anti-blast mitigation features. It is non-flammable. It generates non-toxic fumes in case of fire and 100% recyclable. It comes with so many different finishes like mashrabia, fabric, stone, and aluminum sheet.

Potential Partners

contractor, whole sale, retailer, design offices, buildings, military projects, shooting range, railway swimming pool, halls, hotels, schools.

Company Description

Laffan Aluminum is the pioneer manufacturer of Aluminum Foam in the Middle East, based in Doha-Qatar. Laffan Aluminum Factory was founded in 2015 and applies state of the art technology and advanced machinery from South Korea to the local production of Aluminum Foam.
By using locally sourced raw material and ensuring minimal impact on the environment we do our part to bring sustainable innovation to the Middle East. Based on its unique structure with a variety of structure mainly very light, sound absorbing, non-flammable, thermal resistivity, impact absorption, corrosion resistant and durable. We are honored to be considered as one of the aluminum foam manufacturing companies around the world.
Laffan Aluminum are well known for supply, fabrication, and installation of all types of, specially designed acoustic road barriers by providing the best solutions for sound proofing, acoustic soundproof building material, façade works, interior design and fire-resistant building material. Aluminum Foam is an innovative, lightweight, and durable material with unique characteristics that can be applied to a variety of sectors and industries such as acoustic road barriers to reduce/eliminate sound. Its porous structure gives aluminum foam excellent shock and sound absorption along with thermal insulation. What we produce is not just a product, but a true innovation, studied to properly answer all our interested parties’ needs.

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