ICC Qatar and Thomson Reuters organise their first workshop on VAT


The International Chamber of Commerce Qatar (ICC Qatar) and Thomson Reuters will organise a workshop on value-added tax (VAT) titled ‘The Impact of VAT Compliance on Businesses in Qatar by Pierre Arman’ in Doha on February 7, a press statement said.

The workshop, supported by Qatar Chamber (QC), will highlight the impact of VAT and how businesses can prepare for it.

“Ascertaining the impact VAT will have on a business and the changes required is an essential step in any VAT implementation process. Once understood, an effective VAT compliance and management plan can be developed and put into action. Given that VAT will be implemented soon, this session is timely as our members continue to be at the forefront of this key fiscal reform,” QC said in the statement.
The workshop would be held in Doha three to four times this year in order to help create awareness and encourage people to learn about the impact of VAT on businesses in Qatar, the statement added.

Ahmed Hafez, Country Manager for Qatar at Thomson Reuters, said, “We are very pleased with this partnership with Qatar Chamber to raise more awareness about the challenges and impact of VAT on businesses in Qatar.

[quote font=”georgia” bcolor=”#1e73be”]”Our research suggests that while there is awareness that VAT will have a broad impact, only 11 percent of respondents understand the impact that VAT implementation will have on their business.” [/quote]

Hafez added, “As we strive, at Thomson Reuters, to provide professionals with the intelligence, technology and human expertise to find trusted answers, it is essential to have the accurate data, insights and trusted information in order to build the knowledge needed to make the right decisions, hence this session we are organising in partnership with Qatar Chamber.”

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Registration is now closed as we have reached our full capacity for the event.
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