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ICC regional office for the MENA region, located in Doha Qatar,  is a representation of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world business organization. Its role is to promote and disseminate the global policy and business development work of ICC in the region and facilitate the engagement of business in the region in ICC’s work. The mission and tasks of the ICC regional office are to project the global work of ICC in the region, taking into account particular regional circumstances as well as local circumstances of individual countries in the region.  This will include ensuring that regional policy priorities are consistent with ICC’s global policy recommendations and contribute to the sustainable economic development of the MENA region by facilitating trade and economic integration. The ICC Regional Office will mutually benefit ICC and business in the Middle East and North Africa. It will encourage greater engagement of business from MENA in ICC’s activities and at the same time enrich the work of ICC through the input and participation of business in this region.

The Broader Middle East North Africa Region as defined by ICC includes the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia and UAE. The ICC regional office for the MENA region organizes a variety of activities at regional level. These include practical seminars, workshops, training courses and high-level conferences in collaboration with the ICC Training and Conferences Department.

The ICC Regional Office works towards ICC’s global mission to stimulate trade and investment across borders and support businesses to meet the different challenges and opportunities of an integrated global economy. Its role is to disseminate the global policy and business development work in the region and reach out to the different stakeholders. The mission and tasks of the ICC Regional Office are to showcase the work of ICC in the region while keeping in mind the specific regional conditions as well as local conditions of each country in the region. It has to make sure that the regional policy priorities are in line with ICC’s global policy recommendations and play its role in the sustainable economic development of the MENA region by enabling trade and economic incorporation.

Strategic Objectives

The different strategic objectives are:

  1. Support strategic relationships
  • Increase the institutional capacity of ICC in the MENA region
  • Build ICC’s reputation within the MENA business community as a knowledge hub
  • Strengthen the ICC network in the region
  • Facilitate activities for national committees in the region
  • Implement the ICC strategic plan
  • Partner with relevant stakeholders in the region
  1. Communication and marketing
  • Communicate timely, and relevant information to members and stakeholders in a professional manner
  • Develop an effective and consistent method of communication with national committees in the region and interact with them effectively
  • Improve use of media, including social media, to promote ICC in the MENA region
  • Work closely with ICC International Secretariat to build membership value-added
  • Develop awareness-building campaigns to promote and raise ICC’s profile in the region
  1. Value for members
  • Communicate and deliver benefits to ICC business members in the MENA region
  • Understand MENA markets and needs
  • Tailor the ICC value proposition to the needs of its diverse membership
  • Define appropriate event fee structure in coordination with ICC International Secretariat
  • Promote ICC products and services available to members
  • Provide updated concrete guidance for national committees in the region
  1. Corporate Governance

Implementation and Monitoring of Plan

An annual work plan will be developed using SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time) Technique. This work plan will contain objectives and activities to be undertaken over a 12 months period.

The annual work plan will be aligned to the ICC Strategic Action Plan and will include the work of the various committees. Performance Standards will also be designed for which each of the activities will be measured against. Interim process reviews will be conducted.

ICC regional office will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the region Strategic Plan. Regular quarter progress report will be prepared to ICC as well as the annual report. Adopting and periodically reviewing a policy for receiving feedback or comments concerning the ICC regional office from stakeholders. Receiving regular reports from NCS on the activities.


  1. World Trade Agenda

Collect the regional contributions and views to WTA business priorities.

For more information. contact
A Po Box 402 – Doha, Qatar
T +974 4455 9180
E icc_mena_office@qcci.org

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