ICBC delegation visits the Chamber


During a meeting with a Chinese delegation, Ali Abu Sherbak Al Mansouri, Qatar Chamber assistant manager for government and international relations, referred to the strong relations between Qatar and China, saying that China is a strong economy with demand in many markets around the world.

Qatar Chamber did a presentation on its establishment, development and the role it plays in the Qatar business community in order to prosper the private sector and market the local products nationally and internationally. The presentation also touched on the procedure of establishing a business in Qatar and the important milestones in Qatar’s economy and the private sector, the incentives the chamber provides, the local entities that welcome investments and the projects that Qatar currently implements.

The vice president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and the head of the visiting delegation said that the aim of the meeting was to introduce the Qatar business community to ICBC and the opportunities available between both countries.

He added that Qatar is considered an important milestone for the bank especially in light of the strong relations between Qatar and China in all fields, saying that ICBC is the first Chinese bank to hold foreign investments with more than 80,000 employees and capital assets of more than $50 million.

He said that the bank has a network of 22 branches around the world including Qatar, which is considered one of the most active and developing branches due to Qatar’s strong economy where the bank works as a platform for partnerships.

The size of ICBC assets are valued at $12.3 trillion and is considered the richest financial institution in the world, with specialization in treasury operations, retail loans, in addition to corporate banking. (QNA)

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