Qatar Chamber’s panel reviews health care services law

Nov – 2021

Qatar Chamber’s Insurance Committee recently held a meeting to review the Law No. (22) for 2021 on the regulations of health care services inside the country.

The meeting was presided over by QC Chairman and Chairperson of the Committee HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani in the presence of Advisor to the Minister of Health for Insurance Affairs Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al Mughesib and QC Health Committee Chairperson Ibtihaj Al Ahmadani.

During the meeting, the Committee approved the formation of the technical team concerned with car insurance from representatives of national insurance companies.

The team consists of experts and managers of the departments concerned in insurance companies.

For his part, Khalid Al Mughesib reviewed the main features of the health care services law and its executive regulations, stressing that it aims at boosting the insurance industry for national companies.

According to the law, he said, the health insurance has become mandatory for expatriates who will receive health care services at private facilities, while Qatari citizens will receive health care services at the government facilities.

If the service is not available in private facilities, is possible to refer the expatriate to receive the health care services at the government facilities, he noted.

Underscoring the importance of the law, Al Mughesib said that it contributes to enhancing the self-censorship and activating public-private partnership, assuring that it will be regularly revised to identify any obstacles that might arise as a result of the practical practice.

As for the insurance coverage, he said the law made it inclusive for national companies with the aim to support the country’s insurance industry and maintain the confidentiality of beneficiaries’ data.

He also stressed that the health care packages are one package and at a fixed price, as the mandatory price was determined according to a study conducted by a global actuarial consultant to achieve a balance between benefits and risks for all parties.

“All insurance companies, third-party administrator companies, insurance brokers and service providers will be registered in an electronic platform that will be developed by the Ministry of Public Health,” he added.

At the end of the meeting, the committee members  agreed that the QC Insurance Committee would monitor and combine the inquiries and proposals of insurance companies regarding the law and submit them to the Ministry of Public Health to take the necessary action.

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