Hamad Port seen transforming Qatar into regional trading centre


  • Al-Sharqi: Golden opportunity for private sector.

Citing Hamad Port’s “great capabilities,” modern facilities, and advanced systems, an official of Qatar Chamber said the mega project will increase volume of trade between Qatar and the rest of the world.

With rapid growth expected “in the coming years,” Qatar Chamber director general Saleh Hamad al-Sharqi said Hamad Port will transform Doha into a regional trade centre, which would promote inter-trade in the Middle East region and enhance the region’s trade with the world.

In a press statement, al-Shari said Hamad Port provides “a golden opportunity” for the private sector and Qatari businessmen to activate their business and promote the import and export of various commodities.
“The port provides great capabilities for receiving all types and sizes of ships, allowing Qatari traders to import and export all goods,” he pointed out.

Al-Sharqi praised the achievements of Hamad Port during its partial operation, which lasted for less than a year. During this period, it was able to acquire 27% of the regional trade in the Middle East. This is expected to increase in the coming period, he noted.

He also underlined the important role played by Hamad Port “under the current circumstances” by the opening of direct shipping lines with a number of ports in Oman, Kuwait, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. “This contributed to the continuous flow of supplies and goods needed by the domestic market,” he said.

Al-Sharqi stressed that Qatar Chamber is continuously coordinating with the Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) “to provide all facilities” to Qatari companies that are importing and exporting various goods in order to ease trade movement.

“Qatar Chamber will work during the coming period to organise seminars and open meetings with Qatari businessmen and traders, as well as commercial companies operating in the country to showcase the capabilities of Hamad Port.

“They can benefit from these capabilities in terms of enhancing their business dealings and linking them with different import and export channels of different countries to enhance Qatar’s foreign trade,” al-Sharqi said.

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