Gulf Chambers hail QC’s proposal on e-certificates


Qatar Chamber made a proposal to adopt e-certificates of origin among all GCC members, during the 42nd  meeting of the Committee of Executive Leadership of the Federation of GCC Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FGCCI) in Dubai recently.
The proposal is aimed at strengthening economic activity and trade exchange between FGCCI by reducing time and efforts and avoiding delays, which currently occur.
Qatar Chamber Acting Director-General, Saleh Hamad al Sharqi, made a detailed explanation on the electronic certificates of origin system being implemented by Qatar Chamber, calling on GCC Chambers to adopt it for facilitating the movement of goods between the GCC members and the flow of bilateral trade, QC said in a press release on Saturday.

He said the Qatari proposal was hailed by representatives of the GCC Chambers participating in the meeting, who agreed to hold subsequent meetings on the practical application of this system among GCC members.

He commended the outcomes of the meeting, adding that all GCC Chambers highly appreciated Qatar Chamber’s proposal on the unification of e-certificates of origin and thanked it for its initiative and commitment to strengthening the GCC intra-regional through this system, which enhances the flow of goods and trade volume among GCC countries.

Sharqi pointed out that the e-certificates of origin are partially in place between Qatar and Dubai for some products, expressing Qatar Chamber’s keenness to apply the system to all products without exception.

These certificates can be issued at any time over the 24 hours and can be issued online, which saves time and effort, Sharqi said.

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