Qatar’s legislations guarantee freedom of opinion and expression, says QICCA official


Qatar International Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration (Qicca) board member for International Relations Sheikh Dr Thani bin Ali al-Thani said Qatar’s legislations and laws “highly support sophisticated media activity,” guarantee freedom of opinion and expression, press and media freedom, and keep pace with the technological and technological development of publications, publishing, and arts.

Speaking at the opening session of the “Third International Scientific Conference on Electronic Media”, Sheikh Thani noted that the State of Qatar is “omnipresent in most of the UN activities,” affirming that Qatar’s accession to the International Covenants on Civil, Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights is an “important step” in improving human rights and promoting Qatar’s overall development and its national vision for 2030 with all its economic, social, and political pillars.

He also said Qatari laws deal with cybercrime and impose severe penalties for protecting people’s freedom.

The conference, held via the video conference, was organised by the International Centre for Consulting ‘Markaz Al Khebrah’, with the participation of many notable Arab and foreign speakers and experts.

Sheikh Thani stressed on Qatar’s belief in the importance of strategic partnership with the UN by acceding to and participating in international conventions, noting that Qatar has actively contributed to strengthening the international community’s efforts to maintain international peace and security.

Qatar is also interested to support the development process, he said, adding that without it the UN will not achieve its objectives in promoting human rights, enhancing humanitarian assistance, and promoting participation in collective action to address the existing and emerging challenges facing the world.

Sheikh Thani reviewed the most important laws regulating media in Qatar, such as Law No (8) of 1979 on Publications and Publishing.

He also referred to Law No 13 of 2019 on the establishment of a media city, which aims at managing and developing media activity in Qatar, and enhancing its position as a venue for attracting international media, technology companies, research and training institutions in media and digital media.

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