France is a GCC Key Business Partner, says Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim

At the Vision Golfe held in Paris


Significant Growth in Qatari-French Trading in 2022

Inaugurated on Tuesday 13th June 2023, Vision Golfe- a significant business forum between GCC and France- continued for two days in Paris. Qatar Chamber took part in the conference, where QC delegation was presided by QC Chairman H.E. Sheikh Khalifa bin jassim bin Mohamed Al Thani. Organized by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, Vision Golfe attracted participation by a host of GCC and French corporations and organizations.

The Round Table discussed new business dynamics in an era of uncertainty and global challenges, while the discussion workshops discussed practicing business in Gulf Countries and successful global economic vision, investing in the future of energy security while accelerating the energy transition, building smart cities in the Gulf Region: the leading way for a sustainable future, the growth and potential of the French agrifood sector in the Gulf countries, and navigating new trends and retail realities through innovative shopping experiences in a competitive landscape.

“…in its 1st Round, Vision Golfe is an opportunity to discuss ways to promote business cooperation and building sustainable Gulf-French partnership.” said H.E. Sheikh Khalifa, who also referred to the strong bonds between GCC and France. H.E. highlighted that bilateral trade reach up to USD 20 billion in the year 2021, making France a significant business partner for GCC countries.

H.E. also confirmed the outstanding relations between Qatar and France, pointing out to the growth that doubled twice during the past five years, where in the year 2022 the bilateral trade scored QAR 16.7 billion, compared to QAR 4.9 billion in the year 2017. Standard growth by 165% was also achieved last year compared to the year 2021 in which QAR 6.2 billion were recorded, positioning France as Qatar valuable business partner.

H.E. referred to the bond linking between Qatari and French private sectors, regular meetings between QC and its French counterpart, and communication through Arab-French Chamber. Those communications significantly contribute to facilitating investment and promoting cooperation between both countries.

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