Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Expo (ICSG 2021)

June 17, 2021 @ 6:56 am – June 18, 2021 @ 7:56 am
Mert SERT - Project Manager
+974 4434 2130
Istanbul Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Expo (ICSG 2021) @ Istanbul

Companies wishing to take part in this program should apply by properly filling out the attached form and send it to the Office of the Commercial Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Doha for evaluation by the deadlines.

Application Form

The largest organization where global solution proposals are discussed and agenda is determined concerning smart city, grid and smart energy that aims at solving the problems cities are faced with and raising the quality of life of the city stakeholders by taking into consideration the “Smart City and Smart Grid Concept” that covers many issues from city, economy, transportation, energy and infrastructure management to environment, water and waste management, from security to accessibility and information access which are seen as an important tool of economic development, intercity competitiveness and increase in quality of life aimed at cities that impact the way of life shaped with digital infrastructure, 8th. International Istanbul Smart Cities and Grids Congress and Expo.

Establishing a global platform that will host the solutions through which urban service quality, performance and impact will be raised, optimum benefit will be obtained through decreasing of resource consumption including urban costs and energy is only one of ICSG 2021’s high priority targets.


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