Agriculture ,Fisheries And Food Investment Forum

January 23, 2019 @ 9:51 am – January 24, 2019 @ 10:51 am
Kempinski Hotel Muscat Oman
335 Street 6
Muscat 138
Agriculture ,Fisheries And Food Investment Forum @ Kempinski Hotel Muscat Oman

About the Forum
In line with the Government\s efforts to expand the partnership with the private sector in the fields of investment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth has initiated the formation of a Committee for Fisheries Investment (Tamkeen) in 2016. The Committee’s efforts continue to enhance the role of public-pri- vate partnerships and succeeded in crystallizing many agricultural, animal and fisheries projects. This forum seeks to bridge the relationship between all con- cerned with agricultural and fisher- ies investment from the public and private sectors, experts, researchers, interested parties and other partners to discuss the reality and prospects of invest- ment supporting food security through discussion sessions to crystallize promising investment opportunities.

Forum Objectives
The Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Investment Forum in Oman is a place where major investors in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, food investors and key stakeholders are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible investment in agriculture, fisheries and food production systems.

  • Activating the participation of the private sector in agricultural and fisheries invest- ments and enhancing its role in sustainable development.
  • Increase domestic production of food, and build sustainable food systems linking production and consumption.
  • To highlight the most important initiatives, success stories and promising investment opportunities and their role in activating food investments in support of food security.
  • Keeping abreast of global technological developments and benefiting from them in maximizing economic returns.
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