A workshop on the role of e-commerce in the marketing of traditional craft industries in the Arab countries products

October 19, 2015 – October 22, 2015 all-day



E-commerce is one of the attributes of a knowledge-based economy, and the most important applications Basic information technology and communication. Thus, it is a means to reach a sophisticated Goods and services to international, regional and domestic markets in a short time and at the lowest cost, as well as For its contribution to the simplification of procedures and avoid delays in business operations, and increase profitability.

The e-marketing of the most important e-commerce activities that depend on the network Internet as a quick, easy and low-cost communication, including the exercise of all activities Such as advertising, promotion, sale and purchase, distribution, pricing, access to data about products New, customer service, marketing research, and the use of electronic methods of payment for materials Purchased etc… Because of the breadth of dealing with the outside market, these marketing jobs require

Special skills, such as dealing with the Internet and keep up with technological developments and cope with it Fast. And e-commerce applications provide a wide range of industrial enterprises in transforming patterns

Traditional trading to electronic means fast, where large enterprises rely on trade E in marketing their products. The small and medium enterprises are a far cry For e-marketing process, due to lack of sufficient experience in this area and poor infrastructure for marketing mail.

Believing in the need for institutional capacity building and the development of institutions working in the industry skills Traditional and acquire expertise in the areas of e-marketing is seeking Arab Organization for Development Industrial and mining cooperation with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade to hold a workshop on the “Role E-commerce in the marketing of traditional crafts and products “in the city of Casablanca October 22, 2015. And so, to provide an opportunity for these institutions – the Kingdom of Morocco during the period 19 To take advantage of the electronic market their products and increase their competitiveness trade possibilities.


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