Enhancing Qatar-UK cooperation in SMEs


The conference’s first session, titled ‘Law and Investment’, provided an overview of the SME Sector in the UK and Qatar, including discussing the rules and regulations surrounding business in the UK, the implications to the UK market after the UK exits the European Union (EU) as well as the current business opportunities in the UK for Qatari business and vice versa.

It touched upon the UK and Qatar business and regulatory environment, including tax regulations, talent and why the UK and Qatar are both ideal investment destinations and great places for SMEs to develop.

Participants in the session stressed that the Qatari economy has proven its strength in responding to crises facing it, such as the global financial crisis in 2008 and the effects of the blockade imposed on the country since 2017, as the Qatari economy achieved positive numbers in light of the decline of economies on a global scale.

The participants stressed that the investment climate in the country is a catalyst and attractive to foreign capital, and this was evident through the amendment of laws and legislation related to investment and the existence of advanced infrastructure related to establishing businesses, including the communications infrastructure that Qatar is a pioneer in.

The second session discussed the opportunities for SMEs within the sports economy and tourism sectors in Qatar and covered the future of Qatar’s sports sector up to and after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and its legacy. The participants stressed in the session the need to continue to include SMEs in the post-World Cup stage.

In the third session, speakers alerted to the role of technology in the march of developed countries and in the lives of its citizens, indicating that Qatar has been able to harness advanced technology for the benefit of its citizens, residents and visitors as part of its efforts to create a sustainable economy within Qatar National Vision 2030.

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