Electronic system set for entry and exit of goods from Industrial Area: Qatar Chmaber


The Qatar Chamber’s emergency committee, recently formed to follow up economic developments related to Covid-19, held its first meeting at the Chamber’s headquarter .

The meeting sought mechanisms of the committee’s work as a focal point between the private sector sand the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management.

The QC emergency committee aims to coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to streamline businesses during the current circumstances and solve challenges faced by the private sector.

The meeting reviewed mechanism of implementing the private sector’s initiatives aiming to face the ongoing crisis of Coronavirus.

The meeting also discussed the Chamber’s launch of an elecrronic system that allows businessmen and companies to launch their initiatives, whether physical, in-kind or service.

Then, the Committee will address the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management concerning these initiatives.

The private sector’s initiatives will be in two categories. The first kind is about the private sector’s contribution to the governmental needs to face the spread of the Corona virus, while the second represents the private sector’s support for the private sector.

In the second catagory, the large-scale companies and entrepreneurs will launch initiatives to support small businesses whose owners face financial challenges such as workers’ salaries, rental costs, and other challenges.

The meeting also outlined efforts exerted by the Chamber to to ensure the uninterrupted flow of food and other essential supplies to people in the locked-down area of Industrial Area.

To help ease the flow of goods to Industrial Area, the Chamber has set up an electronic system through which companies, which are willing to transport goods to and from the closed area, can access and fill in their data.

The Chamber will collect these data in statements and send electronically to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to approve.

Then, the Chamber will send this approved statement to companies so that they can transport their goods to and from the Industrial Area according to the data recorded in that statement.

Since the launch of the electronic system and over the past 24 hours, about 138 companies have been able to take advantage of it and transport their goods to and from the Industrial Area, contributing to the uninterrupted flow of goods and commodities to the locked-down area.

The emergency committee continues to hold meets on an ongoing basis and receives all businessmen’s proposals, and initiatives at: emergency@qcci.org and for any inquiries, proposals and complaints through the committee’s hotline (44559187).

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Application Form for Entry and Exit of Trucks & Workers From Industrial Area Messrs, Companies working in the Industrial Area


Qatar Chamber extends its best compliements.

Find link for application form of entry and exit of trucks and technical teams working in facilities subect to quarantine in the Industrial Area.

These forms will be submitted to concerned authorities.

Note: Forms shall be filled only in English language.

Best Regards,
Qatar Chamber

Application Form for Entry and Exit of Trucks & Workers From Industrial Area
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