Economy won’t be affected by boycott: QC chairman


Sheikh khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohamed al-Thani, Chairman of Qatar Chamber (QC), has expressed his regret that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain have closed their borders and airspace and cut off diplomatic relation with Qatar.

In the statement, Sheikh Khalifa said the Qatari economy was strong enough to overcome the current crisis, pointing out that Qatar has many alternatives to maintain the pace of imports of food items and goods into the local market.

He said more than 95 percent of food items and goods reach Qatar through the sea and the air, and only five percent reach across the land border, which does not warrant a crisis for the Qatari economy..

On the contrary, Sheikh Khalifa said the private sector in Qatar has entered into agreements and contracts with many other companies to ensure the flow of goods and raw materials into the domestic market at competitive prices. This means that the affected people of this boycott will be the companies, businessmen and factories in the three countries which will lose the Qatari market.

The QC chairman also pointed out that Qatar, under its coherent strategy, has a strategic stock of essential food commodities sufficient for the Qatar market for more than 12 months, and this confirms that citizen and residents will not be affected by this boycott.

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