Qatar Chamber participated Seminar explores role of private sector in economic diversification in GCC


the Qatar Chamber participated in A two-day seminar held in Muscat to explore the ways for economic and development integration in the GCC countries, where the Chamber was represented in the seminar by Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al Ansari, QC Board member.

The seminar was entitled “The Role of the Private Sector in Economic Diversification in GCC States”, and aimed to exchange ideas and experiences and learn about the role of the private sector in the economic diversification of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Al-Ansari said that the seminar reflected the growing role of the Gulf private sector in Gulf economic activity, attracting investments and creating job opportunities in the GCC countries, pointing out that the event explored mechanisms of establishing a highly competitive private sector in the region which can compete in the international arena. It highlighted the role of the private sector in realizing the initiatives, projects and programs for the GCC economic integration.

The discussion panel covered several working papers, most notably: “Supporting and Empowering the Private Sector,” “The Role of the Private Sector in Achieving Economic Diversification and Enhancing Competitiveness,” “Reducing Money Migration Abroad,” “The Reinsurance Sector,” “Motivating the Private Sector to Contribute to… Economic Diversity” and “Youth Orientation in Economic Diversity”.

The second day’s work included several visual presentations and working papers on opportunities and challenges in the private sector in the face of economic diversification, the role of the digital economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the role of foreign direct investment in enhancing Gulf economic diversification.

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