Covid-19: No need to stock up on ration goods: QC chairman


Qatar Chamber Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al Thani has called on the public not to stock large and redundant quantities of ration goods and materials.

Chairing a meeting of QC board members to discuss the impact of Covid-19, Sheikh Khalifa said, “There is no need to worry. There is no need to store large quantities of commodities.

He said Qatar has a secure strategic stock of goods and praised the measures made by entities in the country such as banks that postponed payments or reduced commissions on loans.

“The ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis that hit most of the world countries constitutes a real test for all of us,” Sheikh Khalifa said, stressing the importance of dealing with the crisis without “intimidation or underestimation”.
Lauding the precautionary measures adopted by the country to curb the virus outbreak, he said the government efforts would be successful and effective only with the cooperation of citizens and residents who have to abide by these measures, be more cautious and to comply with all health instructions.

He called on nationals and residents to abide by all instructions issued by the governmental authorities.
Sheikh Khalifa also praised the role of merchants and business sectors, affirming that they were dealing with the current situation in a responsible manner.

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