Competition Law enhances productivity & innovation

During the seminar at QC , Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Economy: Competition Law enhances productivity & innovation

Competition and consumer protection laws are playing a direct and important role in promoting economic growth of Qatar, Consumer Protection Department (CPD) Director Sheikh Jassim bin Jabr al Thani said. Speaking at a seminar on the topic Role of Competition Protection Law in Supporting Business Sectors’ in Doha on Monday, Sheikh Jassim said that competition stimulates innovation, productivity and competitiveness, contributing to an effective business environment.

Sheikh Jassim said that competition increases a country’s attractiveness as a business location, triggering national and foreign investments. Competition also delivers benefits for consumers through lower prices, improved services and greater choice, he said. Organised jointly by Qatar Chamber and Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), the seminar also discussed ways and means to protect the local business community through effective dispute resolution services. Representing Qatar’s business community at the seminar, Qatar Chamber Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammad al Thani said that competition and consumer protection laws should not be only in the favour of consumers but also protect the interest of businessmen.

Talking to Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of the seminar, Qatar Chamber Director General Remy Rowhani said that consumer protection laws should not be misused by the consumers to lodge false cases against businessmen. “It is good that our laws make consumers the king. However, there are several instances when businessmen are framed in false cases by the consumers. These disputes should be amicably solved by the authorities concerned to win confidence of both the businessmen and the consumers,” Rowhani said. Senior MEC officials also spoke at the seminar to highlight the benefits of competition and consumer protection laws in Qatar. “Competition generates economic growth and employment. It creates possibilities for small and medium sized enterprises, removes barriers and reduces opportunities for corruption,” and MEC official said. Competition generates total consumer welfare, the MEC official said adding that consumer protection benefits all consumers by ensuring that they have the right of access to non-hazardous products.

“Empowered consumers are subject to fewer abuses. This directly improves their welfare. It also contributes to creating a level playing field for businesses which have to apply a common set of standards, supporting competition,” the MEC official said. A question and answer session was also organised on the occasion where MEC officials answered to the various queries of Qatari businessmen concerning disputes with consumers.

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