QBWA holds workshop on recycling


The Qatari Businesswomen Association (QBWA) recently organised a workshop on recycling household garbage and home agriculture, at the Qatar Chamber (QC) headquarters.

QC board member and QBWA chairperson Ibthaj al-Ahmadani, vice chairperson and Qatar National Programme for Sustainable Development chairperson Sheikha Noor al-Thani and a visiting delegation of Kuwaiti businesswomen were among those present.

Sheikha Noor stressed the importance of maintaining a clean environment and the awareness efforts to help people do proper recycling of their domestic waste, which would reflect positively on the society as a whole.

Al-Ahmadani pointed out that Qatar is greatly interested in keeping a clean and healthy environment and urges people to reduce their garbage and rationalise consumption, in addition to spreading awareness on the necessity to adopt a culture of recycling among the members of different communities in the country.

The workshop focused on the various types of household garbage, the involved risks in handling some types of wastes, how to reduce garbage generation, different ways to recycle wastes, and the role of businesswomen in helping to spread a culture of recycling among households.

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