The Business Council

The Business Council is one of the chamber’s committees linked directly to the board of directors. It consists of selected number of businessmen and specialists. It works towards activating the role of Qatari private sector utilizing member’s experience. Further, it intends to prepare the economical environment to assist businessmen to play their roles in the economic development being witnessed by the State of Qatar.

After reviewing article (4) of the law No. 11 of the year 1999 concerning formation of Chamber’s committees and consequent amendments thereof, and the board resolution No. (7) of the year 2006, the chamber board of directors in its ordinary meeting No. 6 for the year 2007 decided to establish “The Business Council” and determine its authorities and objectives and the methods of acquiring its membership however, the council shall act as one of the chamber’s committees.

Council’s Objectives and Authorities

  • To form assembly for businessmen and specialists, through which the issues and projects that support and enhance the role of private sector are put forth.
  • Strengthening communication and cooperation between businessmen to develop the private companies and establishments.
  • Developing interaction and cooperation between the chamber board of directors and businessmen in the field of commercial and economic relationship in order to provide the suitable environment to practice their role in economical development process.
  • Enhancing businessmen role in taking economic decisions and proposing the methods that supporting the private sector, defend their interests and express their requirements.
  • Attracting distinguished experts and utilizing experience and proposals of board members for adopting and reviewing the Qatari private sector issues and difficulties and develop recommendations to the concerned authorities in the State to adopt suitable solutions.
  • Assisting businessmen to understand the laws regulating commercial and economic activities and effectively participate in future laws through preparation proposals that represent private sector interests.
  • Enhancing the regional and international economical relationships of private sector through representing Qatari businessmen in regional and international economical conferences and meetings and participating in meetings and activities organized by the chamber, in particular those organized for foreign delegations and receiving counterpart delegations of the same objectives and supporting cooperation between Qatari and foreign businessmen, which positively reflect on the chamber role to develop the economic activity in the State.
  • Increasing participation of Qatari businessmen in national economic life through proposing and preparing projects proposals that benefit the private sector.
  • Providing supporting services to private sector performance.
  • Exploring local and international feasible investments.

Organs of the Board Chairman:
QC Chairman “in his capacity” presides over the Board. Deputy Chairman: QC Honorable Treasury Secretary shall be Deputy Chairman, besides assuming the task of Board Secretary General. Technical Committee: A mini committee bringing together the Chairman, his Deputy and three other members to be selected during the first meeting. This committee is in charge of arranging and discussing matters and proposals referred to the Board as well as drawing and following up Board’s recommendations.


Board Secretariat:

A special secretariat formed to assume routing the Board’s affairs and report to the Secretary General who shall have the right, as may be required to seek assistance of QC departments and divisions.

Board Mechanism of Work

  • The Board calls for a regular quarterly meeting under the title: “Business Board Meeting”, every three months, upon request by Board Chairman who preside the meeting. In case of Chairman’s absence, Deputy Chairman shall replace him. The Board may also meet in exceptional cases, subject that an issue of importance rises and which requires opinion of a large group of businessmen.
  • The Board assumes all issues and proposals set for discussion and referred by the Technical Committee, Board of Directors, the Executive Office or Sectional Committees.
  • The Technical Committee sets up the general policies and plans, follow up decisions and recommendations reported to the Board.
  • Decisions within the Board are taken by virtue of absolute majority and are issued in the form of recommendations that are submitted to QC Chairman who, in turn, submits the same to the Board of Director for proper action.
  • QC adopts recommendations issued by the Board, follow up the same with competent bodies, through QC Chairman or his appointed representative in this regard.


Membership Acquirement 
Joining the Board membership is based on election by QC Board of Directors, and candidate member shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Shall be a Qatari citizen having business, experience or specialization.
  2. Shall not be less than 25 years old.
  3. Shall be a partner in a company having a commercial register for not less than five years.
  4. Membership may be granted to Qatari or non-Qatari members of the Board who have experience in the different fields of business (such as economic, finance, legal and banking consultancy, or any other fields specified by the Council of Business), to benefit from such experience, subject that such membership shall be honorable, and such members shall have no counted vote in the Board.
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