Attestation on proxies for the Chamber’s elections starts today


The Internal Committee for Facilitating the Procedures of Qatar Chamber’s Elections held its first meeting on Monday at the Chamber’s headquarters, presided over by Al-Anoud Al-Mohannadi.

The meeting discussed the procedures of facilitating the election of the Chamber Board of Directors for the seventh council 2023. It also touched on enabling the candidates to obtain proxies and how to ratify them.

In press statements, the Al-Anoud Al-Mohannadi said that the Chamber will provide the ratification service on proxies during official working hours from today until the day before the Chamber’s General Assembly Meeting.

She also said that the Chamber has printed proxies forms so that each candidate could collect copies of proxies from the Chamber’s headquarters, noting that forms are also available on the Chamber’s website where any candidate could print out and copy any number of copies, he/she wants.

Al Mohannadi stressed that the committee will continue its meetings to provide all possible means to ensure a smooth election process, noting that it is prepared to respond to any inquiries from the candidates.

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