Qatar Chamber reviews fostering cooperation with the Arab World Investors Union


Qatar Chamber’s First Vice-Chairman, HE Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Twar Al Kuwari, met on Monday, January 29, with Dr. Hoda Jalal Yassa, President of the Arab Women Investors Union, and Member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.

The meeting was also attended by Ibtihaj Al Ahmadani, Qatar Chamber board member and Chairperson of the Qatari Businesswomen Forum, and Dina Ali Al Ghoneimy, a member of the Union.

During the meeting, both sides discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the Chamber and the Union to strengthen cooperation between Qatari businesswomen and their counterparts in the Arab world.

During the meeting, HE bin Twar emphasized that the Chamber welcomes cooperation with the Union and seeks to foster collaboration between Qatari and Arab businesswomen. He assured that the Chamber is keen on empowering women and enhancing their role in the economic activity.

HE bin Twar highlighted that Qatari businesswomen have demonstrated efficiency and competitiveness, and became capable of competing alongside men in various economic fields.

In her remarks, Dr. Hoda Jalal presented an overview of the Union, which is an economic entity operating under the umbrella of the Arab League. She noted that it has development objectives at both the Arab and international levels, striving to achieve development projects, promote trade exchange and investment, provide incentives for women investors, and address any obstacles they encounter.

She also reviewed activities, initiatives, and events held by the Union, including the “Arab African Investment and International Cooperation” Conference & Exhibition.

She invited the Chamber’s members and Qatari businesswomen to attend the 27th edition of the conference, scheduled for 11-15 November 2024 in Aswan, Egypt, expressing hope that the State of Qatar will be the honored guest of the event.

Furthermore, she emphasized the significance of fostering cooperation between Arabian and Gulf businesswomen and capitalizing on investment opportunities available in African and foreign countries, as well as in world economic blocs such as BRICS and others.

In her statement, Ibtihaj Al Ahmadani expressed that both the Chamber and the Qatari Businesswomen Forum welcome cooperation with the Union. She noted that Qatari women have achieved numerous accomplishments and attained high-level positions, thanks to the strong support of the Wise Leadership, which is committed to empowering women and enhancing their role in society.

She also stressed the importance of unifying the efforts of Arab businesswomen under one umbrella through the chambers of commerce to facilitate enhancing cooperation between Arab businesswomen and investors, noting that chambers are considered the official representatives of the private sector in all countries.

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