Qatar Chamber holds training on anti-money laundering

Wednesday 25th October 2023

Qatar Chamber recently organized a two-day training course titled ‘Anti-Money Laundering,’ which saw the active participation of 49 representatives from the Ministry of Interior, as well as various exchange and insurance companies.

The training was held in cooperation with Al Rowad Training Centre and focused on many topics, including money laundering crimes, terrorism finance, and the procedures to combat them.

The course was delivered by Nashat Jaber, the lecturer and consultant on combating financial crime, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

The course comprised interactive lectures, presentations, individual and group discussions, workshops, case studies, and training videos, along with several illustrative examples.

It covered the concept and definitions of money laundering, terrorism financing, and the financing of the proliferation of armaments, in the context of Law No. (20) of 2019 on the Promulgation of Anti-Money Laundering

and Terrorism Financing Law and its implementing regulations.

It also addressed the stages of money laundering and terrorist financing offenses, shedding light on the latest methods and patterns observed in financial institutions, business enterprises, specific non-financial occupations, and non-profit organizations.

The course discussed the measures to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and the financing of the proliferation of armaments, focusing on the responsibilities of officials and employees.

Furthermore, it covered topics such as the risk-based approach, various levels of due diligence, types and levels of targeted financial sanctions, client verification on national and international lists, identification of the ultimate beneficial owner, as well as protocols for identifying suspicious transactions and procedures for internal and external reporting.

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