Agriculture Committee reviewed the governmental support


Livestock production in Qatar exceeded a million heads in 2015, bred by 12,653 farmers, according to Director of Animal Wealth Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Farhood Hadi al Hajri.

The rate of annual growth in livestock production in 2016 has risen by 20.4 percent, while the number of livestock owners has increased by 31.9 percent, compared with the corresponding period last year.

Hajri was speaking at the fourth meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and Environment at Qatar Chamber. The meeting discussed government support for efforts to boost livestock production, ways to enhance the business environment, investment in agriculture in the country, food security projects and performance of the committee last year.

The meeting also discussed the recently-announced food security projects, including poultry farms and greenhouses, with the aim of strengthening partnership between public and private sectors.

Hajri said the ministry provides direct support to livestock farmers, including medical check-ups for animals, medicines and vaccinations through veterinary health centres. Animal Production Department also provides artificial insemination services. “The indirect support from the government includes supply of subsidised fodder by Supply Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, drinking water through the Water Committee at the Ministry of Municipality and the Environment, farm workers through the Ministry of the Interior, and farm lands made available through the Ministry of Municipality and Environment,” he pointed out.

“As a result of a number of policies implemented recently, including reducing the volume of export during the month of Ramadan and Eid Al Adha, the prices of livestock have come down significantly”, he added.

Members of the Committee suggested providing support to livestock farmers by increasing medicine subsidies, especially for those who own large number of livestock in order to build a strategic stock of livestock in the country.

“Qatar is very keen on achieving food security. We should formulate an integrated system that involves both consumers and producers to achieve sustainable development for the future generations,” said Mohamed Ahmed al Obaidly, chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Environment.

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