3rd Businesswomen Forum to kick off on Tuesday

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani , Chairman of the Federation of GCC Chambers(FGCCC) and Chairman of Qatar Chamber , the 3rd Businesswomen Forum kicks off on Tuesday 1st December , 2015 at St. Regis Hotel  , QC senior official said .

Mrs. Ebtihaj Al Ahmadany, head of Qatar Businesswomen Forum , said on Thursday in a statement that the Forum will highlight the entrepreneurship of businesswomen in GCC region and challenges facing their development.

She assured the forum is a platform of communication among entrepreneurial women who have a major role in the development of economic and social sector in GCC countries.

The forum which will be held under the theme :” Challenging – Motivating – Enabling –Developing” aims at transferring knowledge and expertise international and regional successful women and strengthening the channels of communication among all Arab women . It focuses on maximizing the women’s roles in increasing and diversifying the economy , exploring investment opportunities and highlighting challenges faced by entrepreneurial women , Al Ahmadany added.

It will bring together government officials , international experts , executives from related associations and organizations, and local specialist in economy , investments and women empowerment in the GCC.

Ministry of Economy and Commerce , Ministry of Education and Qatar Financial Center are among authorities that  will participate in the event.

It includes three sessions titled: Challenges faced by Arab Women , Empowering Businesswomen and Motivating Businesswomen.

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